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All Area Bail Bonds is your choice for fast, friendly, and reliable service. We are a family owned and operated bail bonds agency serving all of New Jersey. We understand the fears and anxiety that family and friends experience when someone they care for is arrested and incarcerated. At All Area Bail Bonds, our Agents will work to ease those fears as we walk you through each step of the bail bonds process, making it as easy as ABC. Read More...

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At All Area Bail Bonds, we understand that there is a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety when someone you care about is arrested. Our friendly staff is ready to help ease those worries as we quickly and professionally work on getting that person released.

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Pre-Arrest Services
If it comes to your attention that you have a warrant for your arrest, you should immediately make arrangements to surrender yourself to the jurisdiction in which you are being sought. More...

Post-Arrest Services
After a person is arrested, they are brought in front of a Judge who will determine what amount of Bail will be placed upon the defendant. More...

Understanding the Process
BAIL is a dollar amount placed upon a defendant, by the court, to give them a financial reason not to flee. More...

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